I love medicine. I am outraged by medicine.

The love of medicine started early. I watched my father, who left a successful small business in San Francisco behind for his dream of medical school at age 50, practice child psychiatry and explain synaptic junctions with diagrams on index cards. My startup career landed me at the start of the booming digital health sector in 2009. I continued that joyful work, launching a brand strategy studio for healthcare in 2013.

The outrage was always there, too. It doesn’t take all that long to realize the scale of the problems in our sector, including unsustainable costs, disregard for the humanity of clinicians and patients, and significant failings on health and life expectancy in America. When I woke up in the ICU in 2016 — nearly dead from an amniotic fluid embolism in childbirth, having almost become another statistic in our maternal health crisis — that outrage became personal.  

Today, love and outrage are in everything I do. I am full of hope that we can do better — and committed to action. With Uncommon Bold, we help the most impactful healthcare brands authentically grow and succeed. With Procedure, we use books to explore the process of remaking medicine. With my own advocacy, I say thank you to the 32 blood donors who saved my life.

Let’s tip the scale to the side of love.

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